• It's all about what we have to say, and better yet, how we sound together.

    It's all about what we have to say, and better yet, how we sound together.

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Access Agenda

As the business voice of Greater Madison, the Chamber is focused on bringing our community to its full potential. To help accomplish this, we are dedicated to advocating for policies at all levels of government that support economic growth and progress.

Greater Madison is growing – growing advanced industries, population and recognition as a world-class place of industry and innovation. As our momentum continues, we must take collaborative and intentional action to ensure the advanced economy we are building works for everyone.

For business to succeed, access to five key elements are essential:

  • Customers
  • Talent
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain
  • Livable Community

We are focused on providing greater access in each of these areas through the Access Agenda, a policy roadmap at the local, state and federal level to accelerate our advanced industries and bolster the state’s standing as a place of innovation and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, we must ensure Greater Madison remains an inclusive place of opportunity for all. A place where anyone can see opportunity and share in our region’s prosperity.

With greater access – for businesses, talent and residents – we will achieve our goal of a greater Madison.

Click here to download an electronic copy of the Access Agenda

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