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You snooze, you lose. Business, that is.

This Thursday, September 20, is the RSVP date for the Chamber’s 60th Annual Dinner, so be sure to register right away. And it’s not too late to join the growing list of prestigious sponsors for the event—we’d very much welcome your contribution. Wouldn’t you love to see your company’s name highlighted as a sponsor? Contact Jennifer Bruhn for details. You don’t…read more →

We See An Annual Dinner In Your Future…

We foresee you, on October 11 — just one month from today — at the Chamber’s 60th Annual Dinner, listening with rapt attention as keynote speaker Daniel Burrus REVEALS the future! Register now; seats are filling up fast. A world-leading technology forecaster, Burrus will flash forward into the future, illuminating the next market-changing trends that will transform the way you…read more →

Reveal YOUR Innovations

Reveal YOUR Innovations

What future trends have prompted you to revamp your business? Change your course? Set a new strategy? Share your examples with us. At this year’s annual dinner, leading technology forecaster, Daniel Burrus, will REVEAL the future of business trends we’re glimpsing now. And, he’s looking to highlight local examples. Do you have one? Anyone submitting an idea by Sept. 18…read more →

Newspaper Ad Highlights Edgewater Redevelopment Project

Did you read the business section of the Aug. 23 Wisconsin State Journal? We want to make sure you saw our ad in partnership with the Building Trades Council. It’s our way of saying we are thrilled to see the Edgewater Redevelopment Project ready for groundbreaking. The value it will provide our community is… well… invaluable. The jobs. The additional tax…read more →

Register NOW for the Annual Dinner—Get FREE TechnoTrends Newsletter

Your official invitation to our 60th annual dinner is on the way, but you can register online now—or print the form and register by mail. Hurry—seats are filling up fast! And when you register, you’ll get a year’s subscription to TechnoTrends, keynote speaker Daniel Burrus’s newsletter. TechnoTrends will help you keep pace with the flood of technological advances that should…read more →

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