Madison-based Tech Startup Tackles $37B Problem

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Cameron C. Smith


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August 17, 2017

Madison-based Tech Startup Tackles $37B Problem

Madison, WI – Business professionals and educators understand how cumbersome technology can be. Meetings, lessons and lectures are quickly derailed when the in-room display won’t power up or a laptop won’t transmit video.

It’s estimated that 20% of corporate meetings in the United States start late thanks to technology issues, costing businesses over $37 billion per year in lost productivity. Worse yet, businesses are spending north of $100 billion each year on meeting room technology – and still 88% of attendees voice frustration.

Schools and universities face a similar problem. 55% of educational spaces are incorporating presentation technology; however, the majority of teachers refrain from use due to “discomfort” or “lack of confidence.”

Madison-based tech startup TechLogix Networx aims to solve the problem. Founded by two audio-visual industry veterans, TechLogix seeks to automate collaborative spaces—the general term used for any area where two or more people share ideas and often digital content.

“For years we were part of the problem,” explains Cameron Smith, TechLogix CEO, about him and co-founder, Christopher Melendy. “We developed technology because we could, not necessarily because we should. The electronics industry in general stacked devices together to create Frankenstein systems when all users really needed was to share a simple PowerPoint. We founded TechLogix on the basic premise that technology must be affordable and deployable for every school and business, and it must be simple enough for anyone to use.”

This philosophy led TechLogix to develop several platforms which incorporate automation and hands-free control.

“Some of our solutions are extremely simple, like locking laptop adapters to presentation cables so they never get lost,” continues Mr. Smith. “But our flagship technology replaces the complex and expensive control system which is the failure point for most botched meetings.”

Earlier this year, TechLogix began shipping four product lines designed to streamline corporate and education presentations. Their most popular solution replaces the need for remote controls altogether—computers automatically connect to displays, and the room automatically turns on when people launch their presentation and off when they are done. This concept won TechLogix three technology awards at international trade events.

Simplifying audio-visual devices has pushed TechLogix into some unexpected markets. They’ve seen sales into retirement communities seeking to automate home theaters and retail stores looking to save energy by automatically powering down displays.

When asked about their technology philosophy, Mr. Smith responded “It’s all about simplicity. We’re not necessarily reinventing the wheel, just making it easier to use. Technology should make people more confident, not nervous. Presenting is already hard enough.”


About TechLogix Networx:

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, TechLogix designs, develops and manufactures technology for the custom installation and commercial audio-visual markets. They are uniquely focused on collaboration products, as well as emerging technology such as fiber optics, automated controllers, AV over IP, and 18G digital video. Additional information is available online at

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