Powerful Experiences of an Aussie Maverick Building a Legacy


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Powerful Experiences of an Aussie Maverick Building a Legacy

Waukesha, WI: The Power of I Am . . . So I Can”, a book by Iain Macfarlane, explores an almost unbelievable memoir of life experiences from sheep farming at age four to his business coaching career more than six decades later. Moving from the Australian Outback to being a CEO in the U.S. required discovering the life lessons from each of his incredible experiences and applying them to the creation of business tools and operations guidelines for results and legacy-building. This book shows you “How to Use Your Life Experiences to Drive Your Life’s Legacy”.

Working as a young child with a dog to herd sheep was about the power of delegation. Training at the East-West Center in Hawaii taught the importance of cultural, rather than linguistic, communication. Hitchhiking across Asia and India opened his mind to commercial choices to improve world economies. A PRESENT-FUTURE Mindset helped to forecast wins for venture capitalist-backed companies, as well as independent organizations from Heinz, to ACE Hardware, to Harley-Davidson dealers.  It may read like fiction, but it will leave you with the resources you need to build a real-life legacy of professional and personal prosperity.

Iain, a conceptual advocate in nature and in practice, resides humbly in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife of fifty years. Iain helps leaders work toward innovative, positive legacies; his adventures in business and worldwide relationships still continues today.

“I cannot thank you (Iain) enough for your vision and support, but most importantly, your friendship.”

- Jim Brandenburg, World-renowned National Geographic photographer, documentary film-maker,

And author of many best-selling books, including “Chased by the Light”

“As it applies to business, Iain is a tenth degree master in the art of business.”

Jason Huett, Kicks Unlimited Martial Arts

Iain Macfarlane has touched countless major political, historical, economic and commercial events across the world in the last six decades.

  • The East-West Center in Hawaii at the birth of the Cold War
  •  America during the Civil Riots
  •  Asia and India when a light was finally shone on poverty, turmoil and tribal warring
  • Australia’s economic crash in the 1970s
  • Impacting the change in the Australian Federal Government in 1975
  • Commercial market impact of Polaroid, Atari, and Pizza Hut International
  • Beginnings of World Series Cricket that dramatically changed the global nature of cricket
  • Supporting  his U.S. Marine Corps son at the start and early days of the War on Terror

In all of it, there was Iain, unassumingly creating success for those around him while he pursues his own legacy: “He helped others get results they otherwise would not have achieved without his Involvement, Influence and Inspiration.”

The Power of I Am…So I Can” will officially release on November 4th, 2016 and is available for purchase now. Iain Macfarlane is available for interviews, speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings. To schedule an event, email:

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