Chamber Makes Early Alder Endorsements

MADISON – The board of directors for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce has released its early endorsements for the Madison Common Council. The Chamber’s endorsements are being released as President Zach Brandon is challenging leaders to close the gap between what our region is and what it can be as an innovation hub on the global stage.

“The Greater Madison region is home to many innovative and entrepreneurial companies, products, technologies and ideas that highlight our potential,” said Brandon. “We need the right leaders, with the right vision and commitment, to translate that potential into increased jobs and wages. The Madison Common Council plays a key role in the perception and reality of our business climate.”

The Chamber Board has endorsed the following candidates in the upcoming Spring Election:

District 3: Lauren Cnare District 9: Paul Skidmore District 17: Joe Clausius
District 5: Shiva Bidar-Sielaff District 10: Maurice Cheeks District 19: Mark Clear
District 7: Steve King District 11: Chris Schmidt District 20: Matt Phair
District 8: Scott Resnick District 14: Tim Bruer


With the exception of District 10, all on the list are incumbents who received Chamber endorsements in previous elections for their leadership and focus on job creation.

“It is important that Madison voters elect leaders who understand and value the private sector,” said Brandon. “All of the endorsed candidates have demonstrated their commitment to creating a climate that will help grow businesses and the jobs they create.”

Endorsement interviews in the remaining districts will take place in the coming weeks. Endorsements may not be made in every district, just in those where a candidate meets the endorsement criteria.

“Throughout this process we have kept in close contact with the Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin because of our mutual goal to grow jobs and wages,” said Brandon. “It is promising to find our candidate endorsements align.”

About the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce:

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business with nearly 1,400 organizations – ranging from one-person shops to corporations with more than 6,000 employees – working to bring the Greater Madison area to its full potential. The Greater Madison region is a leader in innovation. From cutting-edge technologies to distinctive retail shops to inventive services and products, Madison businesses vary greatly but are united by the region’s entrepreneurial spirit. More information can be found at


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