Madison has a new Zoning Code

After four years of work, the Common Council adopted a new zoning code for the City of Madison last night. The new map, and accompanying text that was approved last year, represents the first overhaul of the City’s code in nearly 50 years.

The Chamber has been engaged throughout the process, advocating for changes to make the code more transparent and predictable for users. And in most areas, the code should accomplish those goals. We advocated for flexibility with building height limits to encourage more density. We worked to ensure that businesses are allowed an appropriate amount of parking for customers and employees. And we worked to make the process less onerous.

So what are we left with?  After adopting the ordinance, the consensus at last night’s Council meeting was we’ll see. The code will remain a living document and as it’s put to use, errors will be found and changes will need to be made. Should you encounter any issues in the future, please let us know so that we can assist you.

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